NoMoreForms™ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

So what is a paperless workflow solution?

A paperless workflow solution is applying software technology to either reduce or eliminate the amount of paper required in the day to day running of an organization. Reductions in paper occur when this technology is integrated into various processes specific to that particular business.

But why is a paperless workflow important?

There are several good reasons to reduce paper in business. These include the ability to streamline document processing to assist in company growth, because greater volumes of paper and work can be handled in less time. Remember, it's a risky business when you're trying to expand your business without analyzing and seeking solutions to the increased paper flow. Additionally, a company's most valuable asset, its employees, can have greater time to devote to other core business activities. Also, credibility is increased because the system reduces the propensity for human error. Bottom line, the business becomes more efficient overall and eliminating paper means increasing budgetary savings.

But surely your product has only been designed for certain industry sectors?

No, the NoMoreForms™ solution can benefit any industry. At this time, the business model has been specifically designed, tested, and proven over several years into the insurance sector. The HR industry is now benefiting from NoMoreForms™ technology and other sectors will follow.

What about the little guy, do you bother with them?

NoMoreForms™ customizes packages cost effectively, that can cater for all sizes of business. No company is too small to derive significant value from NoMoreForms™.

Does the NoMoreForms™ solution really pay for itself?

You bet! Companies who have enjoyed the NoMoreForms™ technology have seen significant savings in so many different areas. One company was able to process over 700% more applicants than they did in the previous year, without having to increase manpower. Another company reduced its annual contract and licensing budget by nearly 40%. These performances speak volumes - yes, it really does pay!

What software do we need to employ to be able to use the NoMoreForms™ solution?

NoMoreForms™ software is totally web based. The only thing needed to start using the software is a simple connection to the Internet. There is no need to purchase or maintain expensive hardware equipment. Our applications are easy to use, and the NoMoreForms™ development team will guide you through the process until it becomes second nature.

Can we still print forms?

Yes, the NoMoreForms™ system does feature the ability to print documents as desired, however, we strongly encourage you to only print when absolutely necessary, as it is the purpose of our system to maintain your documents digitally and securely. During an audit, for example, there may be a requirement to print an electronic form. The system is fully equipped to handle these requests.

OK, so you talk about limited access within my company, but what about NoMoreForms™? How can I be sure that there is protected access and therefore accountability within your organization?

NoMoreForms™ operates under strict internal guidelines of security and accountability. Various members of the NoMoreForms™ team will be assigned to your company and only those nominees will have access to your critical data, unless otherwise authorized by you.

If data cascades from one form to another, so reducing the need to replicate data entry, how does the system identify where those entry points are?

NoMoreForms™ automatically cascades form responses from one form to all other forms that share or repeat common data. In other words, a user only enters a single piece of information once, regardless of the number of forms.

I want to maintain my corporate branding identity. I'm not keen to have NoMoreForms™ all over my documents!

No problem, corporate identity is key in all businesses, and NoMoreForms™ wishes to help you maintain and enhance your brand identity. It's quite simple really, we just take your customized forms and build our electronic fields around it.

How can I check progress on applications submitted?

The software provides a centralized user and management control council to visually illustrate the progress and status by form, by user and by process. Additionally, there's a "MasterDiary" to illustrate each transaction's history and a complete life cycle audit trail.