Insurance Industry Services

Contracting, Licensing, & Appointment Automation

NoMoreForms™ provides insurance carriers with an automated contracting, licensing, and appointment system that interfaces with NIPR and Legacy systems to ensure efficient workflow and process management.

From a new applicant's submission, right through to the completion of all paperwork necessary for contract and appointment, including background investigations, there is never a need to interpret illegible handwriting or re-key data. The entire system is fast, efficient, and easy-to-use.

How It Works:

Forms Automation

Your proprietary forms are digitized and automated for easy access by producers via the web

Web-Based Producer Onboarding

Agents and Brokers access and complete contracting forms, as well as add required documents from any device with internet access, 24/7

Auto-Populated Form Fields

Commonly repeated questions, such as name and address, are automatically populated into all forms, enhancing the producer experience

Digital Signatures

Using digital signatures, contracting forms can be signed and submitted anytime, anywhere

Forms Routing

Home Office staff can easily view and route contracting documents to other business units, such as licensing and compliance, to meet corporate workflow requirements

One-Click Background Checks

Order and receive background screening reports with the click of a button

NIPR Integration

NIPR integration allows for producer database bumps (PDB) and appointments, all stored in the producer’s record

Auto-Appointment Portal

Fully-automated auto-appointment processing allows clients to set specific appointment requirements, reducing labor and increasing efficiency

Easy Data Uploading

Upload producer data into your HR and legacy systems without data entry

Data Insight Tools

Robust and powerful reporting and tracking tools provide high-level data insight