NoMoreForms™ — Paperless Workflow Solution

What is NoMoreForms™?

NoMoreForms™ is a patented workflow automation solution that takes paper and form driven processes and makes them paperless. Any paper driven process can benefit from the NoMoreForms™ technology by reducing administrative burdens and paper costs while increasing process efficiency and integrity.

The solution provides a front-end for individuals who must complete forms, and a robust back-end portal with tools for data management, reporting, and content review.

The NoMoreForms™ solution is a customizable technology that companies in many industries have found countless applications where benefit is derived.

Paperless, Automated Document Processing

NoMoreForms™ is an earth-friendly software solution, and patented software technology that simplifies and streamlines document processing associated with a full array of multi-step business processes by eliminating the need for paper documents.

NoMoreForms™ collects, routes, processes, manages, and distributes documents and information for many tasks that are traditionally paper-intensive. Subscribers report a 38% reduction in costs derived from higher productivity and increased data integrity achieved by fewer internal resources.

Web-Based Workflow

NoMoreForms™ provides companies with a web-based application designed to provide a paperless workflow. The application was designed specifically to support companies who are involved in heavily regulated industries.

Candidates can login to the system through a secure, web-based portal to complete forms and documents from any computer connected to the internet. The application simplifies the labor and paper-intense process of hiring, contracting, or engaging with candidates. This automated process is managed via user-defined business rules, and integrated with outside suppliers.

Why Use NoMoreForms™?

The entire NoMoreForms™ solution was created with leading-edge software technology, requires no special hardware or software to operate, is designed for ease-of-use and administrative staff operation, and is scalable to accommodate large volume processing.

Faster Forms Processing

NoMoreForms™ enables a candidate to complete every form, including benefit forms and government or other regulatory forms, without the need to enter the same information twice, regardless of the number of forms.

Applicant Insight (Ai) offers a time-tested technology platform and a team committed to providing an optimal customer experience.

Leader in Forms Automation

NoMoreForms™ has evolved to become an autonomous and recognized software publisher with an impressive customer base comprised of several highly recognized insurance companies, together with leading names from other leading market sectors.

NoMoreForms™ patented software technology solution accomplishes multi-step business processes, which result in the reduction or elimination of paper, the streamlining of document processing, and break-through staff productivity increases. The NoMoreForms™ solution collects, routes, processes, manages, and distributes documents and information for many traditionally paper-intensive tasks.

NoMoreForms™ achieves time and cost savings by replacing the antiquated, manual, and laborious paper shuffling processes that consume numerous resources for all types of organizations.